Mallacoota Real Estate Pty Ltd has been successfully operating in Mallacoota for the past 24 years, with staff members covering all aspects of property sales, residential property management, holiday property management and trust account management. We have successfully sold and managed a wide range of properties. We are one of three real estate agencies in Mallacoota. Our agency website www.mallacoota.com is designed to be easy to find and also simple to use, catering for all clients for prospective purchasers to holiday guests. I, Kerri Warren, have lived in Mallacoota for the past 42 years, and have a sound knowledge of the area and am well respected in the community. My family has lived in Mallacoota for the past 4 generations, with a large number of extended family still residing here.

I have been employed by the agency for the past thirteen years, have obtained my real estate licence and ten years ago, I took over as Director of Mallacoota Real Estate Pty Ltd.

We are confident with bringing our own ideas & expertise to the day to day running of the business. We are all able to communicate with clients in a way that makes them feel at ease. This is something that continues to bring clients back into the real estate even after their transaction is complete.